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Minggu, 27 Juni 2010

I LOVE MY (uniform)

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Hey :hello: its me (again?). I am use my uniform costume. Wow i look so beautiful=))

I like my uniform costume. Because when I wear it I look so tall and slim (LOL)

Oh not lag! I look so sexy!


foto by dienna

S-O-A-K on my class

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S.O.A.K is an abbreviation of system of adat karuhun. I don't know what are meant. But is so cool. All boy of my class are member of this union.

I think they care about each other. And they are so Handsome (LOL). Especially My (ex-)boyfriend. Oh my god. Member of s-o-a-k not a "produk gagal" =))

Look! My (ex-)boyfriend is embrace me hahaha I remember it=))

hey! it just 38person. Who 2 other?

Barmamsus #jr

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My class at school --> 9b
My class have 40student and I LIKE IT!

Mrs. Susiani is my guradian claas, so my friend call we as Barmamsus (Barudak Mamih Susi).

from: top to bottom, left to right
#fina #ME #alisa #dinda #annisa #azna #dila #janet #umi #rianty #dita #shintia #phy #adita

my #BF --> On other palace

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