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Minggu, 01 Mei 2011

Another mistake, another disaster.

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This Day There's Another
Another Mistake that we've done too much
The sun shines so rudely
Leaving a pathetic situation for us

The air show it's emotion
It feels burned tight in a thousand times before
We taste the same way of our sorrows and getting worst

And now it's time, to wake ourself
To wipe our sins together
Let the smokes be gone loose in all this trees, we could say it!

Stop right now, stop right now
Do you wanna live inside this broken world
I know y'all can get up to fix it
United our hearts, this little green grass be a photograph
To be a better world today

It's not too late to confess yourself
So other can listen up that
We taste the same way of our sorrows then getting worst

Start to thinking up to stop this
Or you gonna live inside this broken world
I know you can get up to fix it!

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